Architecture projects

December 12, 2017 Uncategorized 2

To improve my skill level I’ve been photographing buildings around San Marcos, Tx. And here i’d like to share two images before and after. These images consisted of 20 or more layers to complete. I still have lot’s of room to improve and I look forward to sharing my progress with everyone! Read more

Founders Backwoods Bastard

December 8, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Here you see a before and after both lighting and editing. The finished image consists of 5 different exposures and 4 different angles of light. The rain drops are real and were captured with a back light facing the camera. Read more

Musical Portraiture

December 3, 2017 Music 0

Any time I get the chance to be creative it’s one of the best feelings that I can not describe. The words that come to mind are contentment, joy and excitement. Well I recently had some portraits of a studio musician on stage before a show, I was able to have the creative freedom I strive for. One day I’ll be booked solid with these kinds of shoots. Read more

Bee yard (Spies Bee’s)

October 23, 2017 Adventure, Art, Lifestyle, Nature 0

I had the opportunity to visit a bee yard (Spies Bee’s) in Iowa during a weekend trip to visit family. I learned how the colonels work as a single organism, and how weaker hives can actually be robbed or overtaken by stronger ones for food. Also some hives are real calm and will simply mind their own business or how others are easily aggravated. This is why bee keepers use smoke, It makes them think there is a fire and they hurry up and eat... Read more

Music Photography- How To

October 2, 2017 Music 0

To this day i’m still learning how to take photos, and the more I shoot the more I find there are no limits. What I’ve found was to get the “Safe” photos then experiment with the settings and lighting. Also having a good idea of the scene you’d like before hand will help tremendously! So, for live concert it’s tricky. A fast lens is helpful but what if you don’t have one? I’ve found a 50mm helps if you want crisp photos but it limits... Read more

Remodel and Test

August 8, 2017 Architectural, Travel 0

So, a little bit has happened with the journey to becoming a full time photographer. Still a lot ways a way but at least now im having some sort of consistency. I was hired by Lynn Stackable who owns an amazing design company. So take note if you ever would like some work done. Then a potential client in San Antonio has been interested in me. They had asked for me to prove that I could add life to an image since thats what their... Read more

Founders Brewery

June 7, 2017 Art, Lifestyle 0

Though, i’ve never been able to make it to the Founders Brewery i’ve had much luck enjoying their brews. This year they have decided to start a Barrel Aged Series. Thus far they have released their famous KBS, Frootwood, Backwoods Bastard and Doom! Here is a tribute. Along with set up. Read more

Androdika (Andrea)

June 1, 2017 Art, Nature 0

It has been a long while since Andrea and I have shot together, and what better way to recap than to take it to the Austin,Tx Greenbelt.   Read more

Garden Of the Gods & Pikes Peak

May 15, 2017 Uncategorized 0

A few days ago I took a week trip to Colorado and spent one evening dedicated to photography. The location I chose for that was the Garden of the Gods. The view of pikes peak from here is just amazing, I highly recommend visiting during sunset. Pikes Peak at 14,114′ there are two ways up, the Cog and Driving (when the roads are open). In May it seems that down below the city of Manitou Springs, CO weather is a warm 89 degrees and at top it... Read more

Texas Hill Country Magazine

February 1, 2017 Adventure, Art, Landscape, Nature 0

I was recently featured in Texas Hill Country‘s 2016 winter issue. The photo featured was an image I captured after south Texas had a very little amount of snow fall a few years back. News channels told everyone to stay off the roads so I went out exploring with my camera and with no one on the roads had a little bit of fun too. The image located under the Faust Street Bridge in New Braunfels was both luck (lighting) and great timing! Read more